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deadly medicines and organised crime how big pharma has - deadly psychiatry and organised denial professor peter c g tzsche md co founded the cochrane collaboration he has published more than 70 papers in the top five general medical journals and six books most recently death of a whistleblower and cochrane s moral collapse he is currently crowdfunding to launch the new institute for scientific freedom with the goal of preserving honesty, why big pharma s days are numbered anh usa org - making way for a parallel medical system based on the principles of natural health june 27 2017 by robert verkerk bsc msc dic phd facn founder executive and scientific director alliance for natural health international, big pharma is america s new mafia the daily beast - organized crime big pharma is america s new mafia pharmaceutical companies have more power than ever and the american people are paying the price too often with our lives, basic information about voices visions - hi nick thanks for sharing your experiences it s good to hear that reading other people s stories has helped many people we meet find it difficult to talk to others about the voices they hear and the other experiences they have but in my experience at least this can leave things to get really confusing, fundraiser by peter g tzsche scientific freedom - peter g tzsche needs your help today scientific freedom please support the most well known danish medical scientist professor peter c g tzsche scientific freedom honesty and integrity are constantly under attack particularly in healthcare which is dominated by the drug industry and other economic interests professor peter c g tzsche has shown, direct to consumer advertising wikipedia - direct to consumer dtc advertising usually refers to the marketing of pharmaceutical products but also applies to the direct marketing of medical devices consumer diagnostics and sometimes financial services avenues for dtc advertising include tv print radio and other mass and social media this form of advertising is directed toward patients rather than healthcare professionals, coconut oil for alzheimer s separating fact from fiction - coconut oil as a treatment for alzheimer s it s one of those claims that has rumbled on for a few years now but so far research has been inconclusive so there s little evidence to say it can be of any help, myths about antidepressants antipsychotics dr david healy - what you have said makes me want to ask my dr to hospitalize me and remove all meds if i had the opportunity it would blow your mind what psychiatry has done to me, how does cannabis kill cancer cells part two cbd - how does cannabis kill cancer cells part two by jeffrey dach md as described in part one the cancer cell is a mutated primitive cell that has lost the cell signalling mechanism for programmed cell death perhaps pcd programmed cell death has been intentionally silenced by the evil cancer cell, hpv rokotteet l k rit vaativat rokotusten lopettamista - yli 200 l k ri eri puolilta eurooppaa vaatii hpv rokotusohjelmien keskeytt mist kunnes rokotteiden turvallisuus tehokkuus ja riskit on kunnolla selvitetty ihmisen papilloomavirusta hpv vastaan myyty rokote on tarkoitettu kohdunkaulasy v n ehk isyyn, salvaguardas deriva institucional e industrias - puntos clave las industrias farmac uticas han demostrado que son capaces de generar medicamentos seguros y efectivos en los ltimos 25 a os su modelo de negocio ha pasado de una estrategia guiada por las necesidades a otra m s rentable guiada por la publicidad que est causando graves da os en la instituci n de la medicina, wake up new zealand what does the globalist agenda new - cures health wellbeing for similar reasons as with supressed science there are important facts and simple treatments for many dis eases that are kept from the mass population, rerevisionist s articles on jews big lies - online media now false flags are staged events to discredit some group example jews in poland after a planned delay attacked germans to cause hitler to attack poland probably planned all the western jewish media shrieked at hitler but did not mention the jew puppet stalin when he did the same, l affaire wakefield shades of dreyfus bmj s descent - in 2010 dr godlee commissioned a series of three articles by brian deer a freelance journalist who had been hired by a murdoch publication editor in 2003 the editor stated that he required something big about mmr although deer is neither a scientist medical researcher nor a scholar and despite the knowledge that a complaint had been lodged against him for using gutter, rapid withdrawal and misprescribing of a benzodiazepine - i m very pleased to hear about the settlement congratulations of course money can never take away the pain of what has happened to luke but at least it will ease the financial impact, ldl p what is ldl p why is ldl p important - ldl p what is ldl p why is ldl p important ldl p measures the actual number of ldl particles ldl p may be a better predictor of risk than ldl c, wake up new zealand what does the globalist agenda new - top canadian court permits worldwide internet censorship five eyes nations want communications providers to bust crypto for them july 4 2017 from zerohedge theregister a country has the right to prevent the world s internet users from accessing information canada s highest court ruled on wednesday